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Article: ABOUT US


We value the individuality of every woman and strive to help you find an easy path to yourself. We will suit each other absolutely if you are in love with the aesthetics of freedom and modernity. Your good mood and comfort are important to us.
Balykina is a Ukrainian fashion brand founded in 2015 by Alina Balykina. Since the designer has a specialized film education, the main reference point and source of inspiration were the images of film actresses from different eras, photography and sculpture. The brand's DNA is comprised of cocktail and evening dresses, trouser sets and corsets. Each piece, designed for great moments and special occasions, is specially designed to highlight a woman's character and personality.
Each collection has its own unique history, always paying tribute to idleness, beauty and quality. The brand also provides a personal image creation service at BALYKINA Atèlier.

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